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Kaine refused to let him throw his life away, though, and he confronted the Jackal with the full intent of destroying him. Kaine leaves and vows to take down every sponsor of the Great Game. Having been cured of his mutation, but not his spider-powers, he takes up the mantle Scarlet Spider, and moves to Houston, Texas. As Peter weakens the Queen, Kaine and Ms. Marvel attempt a move that she had originally perfected with Spider-Man. Ben was focusing his efforts on saving the life of Abigail Mercury, a terminally ill child and one of the people New U attempted to replace with a healthy clone. However, while he was being welcomed back to the world of the living by Loomworld's new protector Master Weaver, it was quickly noticed that his cellular degradation had returned. Encouraged by his brother's example (and finally acknowledging Ben as his brother rather than his foe), Kaine handed himself over to the law, as Janine, who was wanted for the murder of her abusive father, did the same. [69] With his world saved from the Carrion apocalypse, Kaine decided to hunt down Ben Reilly, whose apparent death at the hands of the outbreak he correctly assumed had been faked. Once cured of his tarantula mutation and his cellular degeneration, his powers were reduced to around Peter Parker's strength.

Kaine found himself in a vision talking with The Other in its Ero form, who explained that it was the one who had resurrected Kaine after Kraven's Grim Hunt, in order to allow Kaine to embrace it, as Peter Parker had refused its offer. [18] When he discovered that Ben was in the city, he hounded him to try and prevent Ben from involving himself in Peter's life. [40] A super-powered villain came after Aracely, and Kaine felt that he had to save her instead of leaving Houston. [57] They were later rescued by the New Warriors after being taken to Wundagore Mountain,[58] and helped the team stop the High Evolutionary from detonating his bomb. Kaine reawakens before they arrive and struggles again with Spider-Man in refusing to confess. rhymesterの「once again」動画視聴ページです。歌詞と動画を見ることができます。(歌いだし)午前零時日付の変わる瞬間 歌ネットは無料の歌詞検索サービスです。 Kaine at first rejects Ero but realizes Aracely still needs his help, so he agrees. HELL'S KITCHEN feat.サイプレス上野,BACHLOGIC 7. After the events of Spider-Island,[87] Kaine no longer has any form of spider-sense, and must rely solely on his superhuman reflexes to avoid attacks, as well as concentrating while web-slinging. While Kaine has had no formal training, he is a formidable hand-to-hand combatant, and uses an unusual type of free-style technique similar to that of Spider-Man, though Kaine has no qualms against fighting in a more brutal style. Kaine appears to be Catholic. For a time, Kaine found love in the arms of police detective Louise Kennedy of Salt Lake City, but when he discovered she was working for the criminals, Kaine's increased cellular degeneration pushed him even further towards insanity. In his final confrontation with the original, Spider-Man threw him into a tank filled with "the cure", a concentration of Anti-Venom's symbiote, which was intended to help cure the people of Spider-Island. Raptor had lied to Kaine about being able to cure his degeneration to gain an ally in his quest for revenge. [83], Kaine possesses various superhuman attributes as a result of his unique physiology. Later on it has been revealed that Darkdevil indeed does know about Kaine's connection to his deceased father, going as far as to refer to Kaine as "Uncle Kaine". In one instance, he fashioned a weapon out of a large section of a building by simply sticking to the building and then pulling away with his superhuman strength, bringing a large chunk of it with him.[27]. President Trump once again tweets the election was "rigged." [9] Their next attempt to hunt Kaine succeeds in brutally beating him; he barely escapes with his life, the Kravinoffs mocking that he will be "The only spider left. Spider-Man responds by knocking Kaine out and webbing him up before heading to the courthouse. It allows him to make full use of his strength and agility. Due to flaws in his genetic make-up Kaine does not look like an ordinary human, his skin covered with a web-like mass of disfiguring scars. [20] However, after he is attacked by the Assassin's Guild—following a past incident where he killed on their territory without permission—Kaine is forced to make a deal with Bella Donna, where he agrees to perform one assassination for her in the future in return for her leaving him and his new friends alone. Serves as his Scarlet Spider costume.

His precognitive spider-sense is more developed than that of Spider-Man; where Parker and Reilly can sense immediate danger, Kaine can actually see short glimpses of the future. [16] However, Madame Web did something to it so that the suit is stuck permanently in red, helping perpetuate the alias Scarlet Spider around Houston. being recognized in Salt Lake City by Louise Kennedy's ex-partner, who immediately left for New York to bring the killer to justice. Later that night, after shaving his beard and cutting his hair, Kaine aids Spider-Man, Arachne, and Anya Corazon against the Kraven clan. [22], After an incident involving a super-powered villainess named Stunner, a weakened Kaine still refused to confess to his crimes. ONCE AGAIN 5. Kaine also doesn't set off Parker or Reilly's spider-senses, but they don't set off his either. This ability was lost following the events of Spider-Island, which reset his power levels to what Spider-Man had during the events of The Other. The character was created by Terry Kavanagh and Steven Butler. This ability also allows him to melt Spider-Man's webbing, and on at least one occasion he was able to use this 'talent' to cauterize a potentially fatal throat wound. Kaine wanders New York, defeating and executing scores of Spider-Man's enemies, including the Grim Hunter and Doctor Octopus (Although both would later be resurrected).

He is working for both a shadowy figure and Jackal for unknown reasons and attacks Ben Reilly and Peter Parker when they first meet. With Daemos distracted, Gwen was able to rescue Kaine and they retreated to Earth-13, though Banner was crippled and captured. Kaine, not wanting to become a puppet of anyone ever again, tries to kill Shannon but was persuaded by Spider-Man not to do so. They both manage to survive; the Jackal places himself into suspended animation in a cloning pod to awaken later; and Reilly leaves New York. Carnage managed to take control over the symbiote army and used it to escape to the regular universe, where he was finally defeated by the combined efforts of Venom and Scarlet Spider, thanks to a special weapon the Enigma Force had given them. Peter hid him in the bathroom, then left to stop the Kravinoffs. 2 #1 variant cover. The only clue as to how did the plague begin was the connection of each reality's Parker Industries to their respective pandemic epicenter. She told them she was Faira Sar Namora of Atlantis and that she was seeking heroes. He kidnaps Mary Jane and attempts to give her superpowers. [29], Kaine no longer has his enhanced Spider-Sense to see future events. 05/09/2019 . [31] Kaine broke out to try and stop Norman Osborn after finding out that he was still alive and had masterminded the Clone Saga, and briefly worked against Osborn's agents in southern Europe. He went back to Mary Jane for answers, and after a conversation about power and responsibility, Kaine returned to the Jackal's lab in time to assist Ben in a battle against numerous Spider-clones.

Kaine reawakened before they arrived, and struggled again with Spider-Man, while still refusing to confess. [29], During a later encounter with Ben Reilly, in which Janine Godbe returned to the man she loved, Kaine finally let go of his hatred for his brother, even saving Ben's life after nearly leaving him to die in a burning diner. [81] After Verna killed Jameson and got the crystal containing Solus' soul, the team went back to earth to stop her. [16] The Other powers were confirmed in a conversation between Peter and Kaine, which Kaine said that 'he died and came back with all these new powers' that Peter confirmed he had been there and done that.

He confronts the Jackal with the full intent of destroying him, when the Jackal manipulates his mind once more by leading Kaine to believe he will be cured of the degeneration process. While he does not use web-shooters, he is capable of creating and using them should he choose to do so. When the people at the scene cheered him and told them they needed a hero, Kaine's sense of responsibility for Aracely led him to stay in Houston as Scarlet Spider. [78] Due to the nature of Mephisto's meddling, Kaine's memory was restored after killing Reilly and he regretted his actions, unaware that Ben had been subsequently brought back to life. [4], Kaine later appears in New York City, attacking Spider-Man as he tried to track down Raptor. Script error: No such module "other uses". [49] Kaine returned to his 'normal' lifestyle, as he also started a relationship with Annabelle Adams, the bartender of the Four Seasons Hotel. [56], Namora had been followed by Evolutionaries, who kidnapped her, as well as Kaine and Aracely. However it was recently suggested in Spider-Island: Deadly Foes that Kaine has a regeneration factor. [15], In addition to having augmented levels of strength, speed, and agility, Kaine has organic webbing and spider stingers. At this point, Kaine admits that he's done everything to protect Peter's life and reveals that he is the first clone of Peter, now partially degenerated. [72] While in Las Vegas, Kaine met Terry Wright who, after seeing his scarred face, mistook him for a war veteran and invited him to live in her veterans shelter. [12] This is later shown to have been spoken by The Jackal, who was present at Kaine's resurrection.

Kaine pleads for Peter not to do this and eventually gives into revealing the real truth about the murders and the "Mark of Kaine". During his metaphysical confrontation against the. Kaine left Professor Warren and realized that the partial degeneration had also caused a slight amplification of the powers he had genetically 'inherited' from Peter.

Behind the scenes, Norman Osborn manages to have the files on Ben and Peter switched, so the Jackal would think Peter is the clone and Ben is the real deal. He also wears a tattered version of Ben Reilly's Spider-Man costume.[32]. After more soul-searching, he finally convinces himself to defy Harry's orders and returns the baby to Mary Jane before escaping. The Other: After being killed by the Kravinoffs, Kaine was chosen as the receptacle of the powerful totemic spider-god called The Other, which resurrected him with augmented abilities and cured his cellular degeneration.[38][48][88]. He also had a similar rebirth to Peter Parker was during the events of The Other, as Kaine is shown exhibiting forearm stingers and organic webbing near the end of the Spider-Island story. This revelation, coupled with Kaine's increased cellular degeneration, pushes Kaine even further towards insanity and he kills Louise. The character was created by Terry Kavanagh and Steven Butler. Kaine then helped with the retaliation against the Spider Queen, Adriana Soria, in Central Park, moving past Peter Parker's ethical limitations by using lethal force against the Queen.

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